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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 19, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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meets the turf for a star- studded movie premiere. we'll tell you how to catch a glimpse of brad pitt. and in 30 minutes, the president unveils his cutting plan. bell, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, september 19th. the woman accused of killing nursing student, michelle le, is expected back in court today. today's court appearance comes as investigators try to identify a body found over the weekend. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning. that body was found saturday afternoon by a volunteer who had been part of a search party
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organized to find any signs of the missing student. newschopper2 was over the crime scene where a body was recovered on 680 near the castle -- castlewood country club. the body was decomposed. so this was not clear if the body was a man or a woman. but the medical examiner's office should be able to answer that question sometime today, we're told, and investigator have not said whether there was any clothing or jewelry near the body to help them identify the body. meanwhile, the suspect, the 27- year-old, was a former high school friend of le who blamed le for ruining her relationship with an ex-boyfriend. michelle le was last seen on
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may 22nd at kaiser permanente where she was taking a nursing class. she left for a break but never came back. investigators say they have evidence she was murdered. live in hayward, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. police in south san francisco out there looking for suspects in a double shooting. now, it happened last night about 9:00 on first lane near magnolia. investigators say several young men jumped out of a car and just started shooting. two teenagers were wounded. we don't know their condition. police say as many as four suspects are out there on the loose? >> there were two people in the vehicle as it drove off, witnesses said. there might be additional two suspects who had gotten out of the vehicle. >> reporter: the gunman got away in what was described as a
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honda accord or civic sedan. the motive is still under investigation. lawsuits could delay or even kim plant for high-speed rail in california. cities and nonprofit organizations are suing. a coalition of cities for groups on the peninsula has gone to court twice. after the first lawsuit, the rail authority did a new study but a new lawsuit is challenging that revised study. in less than 30 minute, president obama will unveil his long-term deficit reduction plan. the republicans are already saying it will not go anywhere. coming up at 7:15, we will go to our washington, d.c. bureau for a preview of the president's plan. we'll also bring you the president's address -- address, live when it begins. it's scheduled to start at 7:30. tonight, a hollywood-style premiere in oakland.
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it's a movie about the oakland as. it premieres in oakland. it's called money ball. tara moriarty is from outside the paramount theater and i know the biggest star outside of you is supposed to be at the premiere? >> reporter: i'm sure all of the ladies will be excited to learn that brad pitt is expected to be here and all of the men will be excited to know that angelina jolie will be here. they are flying in from london. pitt blays bean to crusade to build a baseball team on a budget. the oakland as consistently competed for the division title and made the playoffs year after year. now, other stars in the movie who may shine here in oakland,
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phillip c. hoffman. a very exciting time for the city of oakland. we're waiting to talk to oakland owners and insiders say the best chance you have to make a star sighting will be before the screening from 4:00 to 6:00 and then after the party at the show theater and that will be between 7:30 and 8:30. you can see the really cool setup for all of the stars. most likely they will walk through here. maybe parts of the red carpet will be woven in and out. it should be a very fun event if you would like to come out and catch a glimpse of hollywood royalty. live in oakland, i'm live in -- i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. a new bill recently signed by the governor could lead to
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fewer marijuana dispensaries and collectives. this bill allows legal governments to pass laws regulating the location and operation of marijuana dispensaries and collectives. here in the bay area," the independent journal "reports several cities may make use of this law. b.a.r.t.'s new general manager is reaching out to community groups, commuters and even protesters. she says she's open to meet -- she's open to meet with anyone who wants to meet with her and she says assistant -- her assistant has started to contact groups -- groups like the aclu to air out any disagreements they have. the group heading up the protest has said it will continue to hold demonstrations every monday until its demands are met. but this week b.a.r.t.
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has not issued any warnings and riders should expect delays today. and in fact, there could be more b.a.r.t. riders than usual, since air quality is urging everyone to take public transportation today because it is a spare-the- air-day. the air quality district says hot temperatures and light winds are designed to help with the poor air quality. if you are looking for andrews not to mow the lawn, there you go. hey, sal, do you see any signs of any cutback in the morning commute? >> no, not right now. we might see it a little later on. we're in the heart of the morning commute. let's go outside. i want to show you -- i want to show you some things, just kind of waking up here. you will see stop-and-go traffic, getting into the slay
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valley -- santa clara valley and then you will see slow traffic at 880 moving into the valley. at the toll plaza, it's not light. it looks like a 15-minute wait. maybe on this spare the air day we might get some clearing up a little later on. we'll be here to show you that. let's go to steve. a very good morning. skies are clear, a little bit of fog around point reyes, parts on the san mateo coast. that's it. it's out there. it's not making a bill push. very good tweets coming in. patrick said it feels like it's going to be warm today. very hazy. in fact, very, very calm. david up in novato states clear and cool and jessica in pinole is happy. it will be warm like yesterday. it will be for almost everybody. >> reporter: sunshine, warm to hot. but by the weekend.
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could see significant changes. this is the last week of summer. it may feel like it. today we're good to go for a lot of sunshine. slightly warmer away from the coast. temperatures bumped up will level off. i think scraws capitola will be -- i do think that santa cruz and danpy toll law will be -- capitola will be in the 80s. fire danger is up. high pressure's here. no clouds. that's for sure. 50s and 60s. so there is a big difference in some of these low temperatures. high pressure is here. transition day on thursday. lots of energy coming out.
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gulf of mexico. possibility of moisture as well. >> but today, it's pretty easy. it will be sunny and warm to hot. 90s inland. maybe to near 100. nice by the coast. 80s for some. but a lot of 90s. 60s, 70s to near 80. 82 leamed and berkeley. hayward at 88. rodeo, all out to crocket. same for the south bay. san jose for morgan hill. 70, half moon bay. 80 in the city. more 0 -- more of the same on tuesday. then with your weekend in view, the first full weekend of fall. it will be much cooler -- much cooler with a lot of clouds and maybe some rain. 7:10. british doctors did it. they've just separated conjoined twins. the two girls from sudan joined
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at the head, they underwent an extremely rare operation. this was especially challenging because of the large amount of blood flowing between their brains. doctors say the girls don't appear to be suffering from any neurological side effects. next week they will celebrate their first birthday. just adorable. why over two dozen baggage screeners are now out of a job because of what they did not do. also, shocking news about the crash of a russian plane back in june. which key person was reportedly drunk. and one person the san jose bay is much cleaner than 50, 60 years ago. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off.
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right now, the dow currently down, 233 at 11,275. nasdaq is down 52. that's 2%. s & p is counsel 25. now, investors -- down 25. now, investors will closely be watching president obama's speech this morning when he reveals his plan to deal with the country's sky rocketing federal debt. the speech is scheduled to start at 7:30. we'll carry that speech live. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. bureau right now to talk about why republicans say this plan is dead on arrival. alison? >> reporter: tori, this is a plan to reduce the deficit by an additional $3 trillion over the next ten years and most of that savings comes from raising taxes on wealthier americans. let's take a look at the details. president's plan cuts $.-- 1.5
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trillion from the deficit by raising taxes. 1.1trillion by winding down the wars and $580 billion by reducing entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid. the president will announce his plan in a speech at the rose garden in a few minutes. but opponents say this is going nowhere. >> i wonder what john boehner knows what it sounds like is that you can't impose one more penny on taxes on the wealthiest people. >> reporter: now, the president's deficit plan includes what his aides are calling the buffett rule, named for billionaire buffett who says he mays -- pays more in taxes than his employees. the rule is no million airline should pay less in taxes than middle-class americans. there had been some speculation that president obama might try to win more republican support
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by increasing the medicare age eligible. it does not look like that is in his plan. we'll have more live coverage during my next update. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. new this morning, police in britain arrested seven people for a suspected terror plot. the arrest happened in birmingham. six men, and one woman, they are described as islamic extremists. specific details of the plan have not been announced yet. in yemen, people were killed. protesters want the president to step down after 32 years, 33 years in power. the u.s. once viewed that government as an ally as al qaeda based in yemen. however, the u.s. withdrew support as these protests got
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stronger. 7:127 -- 7:17. dozens of baggage screeners have been fired at honolulu airport. they began to detect items. new information about a russian plane that crashed back in june. a spokesman for russia's top investigators says the navigator of the jet was intoxicated when the plane crashed, killing 47 people. the jet which had taken off -- taken off from moscow had slammed into a highway and burst into flames. bringing libyan together, the former new government is getting tougher. the nation's temporary rulers have delayed the naming of a new cabinet. now, tensions have emerged among islamic groups and
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meantime, the fighting continues between rebels and the forces of moammar gadhafi. the resistance of gadhafi loyalists is raising concerns that libya could face an insurgency the just like they have in iraq and afghanistan. president obama will head to the united nations in new york later today. the u.s. may veto a palestinian effort seeking statehood at the u.n. this week. palestinians want their territory based on pre1967 borders. that includes the west bank and the gaza strip. key international finance am institutions like the world bank and the international monetary fund. they are supported statehood. >> combine strong support from the international community for palestinian statehood with a relaunched and revitalized -- >> the united states and israel believe this can only be achieved through direct negotiations.
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7:19. back here in the bay area. a new report shows the san francisco bay is much cleaner than in the past. according to the "mercury news" scientists say the bay is far less polluted now than in the 1950s and '60s. the report comes out out before a conference tomorrow. modern technology is removing up to 99% of contaminants in the waste water. fight muni's projected shortfall parking tickets will likely not be going up. with fewer tickets handed out and the state getting a portion of the fees, some have suggested ticket hikes but the head of the ntsb tells the chronicle that parking increases and fare riders are not being considered. the amusement park company,
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creedor fair is selling great -- cedar fare is selling it. it's a '70s -- it's a $70 million -- $70 million deal, all crash -- cash. 7:20. a series of pain medication recalls is causing a shortage and could create more than a few headaches for some patients this flu season. now the maker of tylenol is offering a possible pollution. and a satellite is falling towards earth. what are the odd it could hit somebody. good morning. westbound san mateo bridge is looking good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up. plan
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welcome back. johnson & johnson recalled several tylenol products in the past couple of years and that's causing a shortage in some places. now the company is offering a product locater at its website to help track down what you may be looking for. you can type in your zip code and find the nearest stores that have tylenol products in stock. it is 7:23. a satellite is expected to hit earth in a few days. nasa says a 6-ton, 35-foot long dead salt will hit sometime around friday. the satellite was launched into space in 1991 and decommissioned in 2005. sunsets have calculated that it will break into 26 pieces as it gets closer to -- scientists have calculated that it will break into 26 pieces as it gets closer to earth. cost savings from one road project may help another.
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the cost savings will likely pay for another highway widening project. this one is between laurel road and oakley and san creek road and brentwood. the project would also add on and offramps at san creek road. >> okay. sal, you've been busy. >> yes. we'll start with the busiest traffic here and that would be backed up for -- and that would be the bay bridge. people are screaming to get into san francisco. we're also looking into the east bay. you can see traffic is very slow in antioch. but also slow approaching a new crash in bay point. this is westbound highway 4 coming up on the willow pass grade. what had been a good commute now is now pretty slow. you have to give yourself extra time, westbound 4 on the
7:25 am
concord side. three cars and a motorcycle. traffic is slow coming up to the area. let's go to some live picture the again. northbound 280 out of downtown into the lawrence expressway area. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a lot of sunshine. all of that is -- it's always tricky by the water's edge -- there it is. we talked about some of that coming around the golden gate. so far it's not on the san mateo coast line. we don't have that offshore wind. we still have a little hint of a west wind, even though it doesn't carry very far. it will be sunny to mostly sunny. you don't have to go a great distance to find some warm conditions today. we do have upper 40s to mid 40s. it's a cool pattern. 50s, 60s towards the peninsula. >> south bay and pretty much everywhere else.
7:26 am
i will have a lot talk to -- to talk about thursday and friday. our last full week of summer. patchy fog is making it tough on forecasting the highs. it will be warm foo hot inland through wednesday. as we head toward the end of the week and your weekend in view, the first weekend of fall may feel like it. we may get some rain. >> bough -- wow. we have more information on that deadly disaster at the reno airshow. the new 911 tapes we're -- we're now hearing and -- and the speculation on whether the pilot was unconscious just before the crash.
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it is 7:29. happening right now, president obama is getting ready to discuss a new plan to reduce the national deficit, the proposal, of course, is already coming under fire from republicans who are adamantly opposed to any tax hikes.
7:30 am
the president will be unavailabling this plan to cut the -- unavailabling this plan to cut the national debt $3 trillion over the next decade and he will be outlining those specific steps. this is a live look from the white house, where the president will be speaking momentarily. you can see the press there and his staff and other dignitaries president. we'll bring this to you lived a soon -- as soon as the president starts to speak. we'll have reaction from washington, d.c. and analysis from our washington, d.c. newsroom. all right. a south bay police manhunt has ended in west sacramento. the suspect, paul ray castillo is accused of a violent crime spree that includes a shooting, a carjacking and murder. alex savage is in san jose right now with how the police tracked him down. good morning. >> good morning to you, dave. police say they were worried this man 0 would hurt someone else if he wasn't captured.
7:31 am
this morning the parolee is behind bars. paul castillo has been the focus of a manhunt ever since friday afternoon. that's when he went on a violent crime spree. he was arrested around 7:30 last night in west sacramento. police believe castillo kidnapped a woman from a san jose shopping center and then killed her. she was targeted at random. before that, police say he shot another man he was trying to rob at a gas station. that man survived. last night, castillo was found in the sacramento area by a san jose police department s.w.a.t. team. they took him into custody. this morning police are not saying where he was hiding out or if someone was helping him. >> at this point we're not releasing any details as far as how we track them and -- or where he was located. that's something that we are gonna question him about. >> reporter: investigators also want to question castillo about the murder of 60-year-old cindy wynn of damage bell.
7:32 am
on saturday morning, police say the real estate agent was found dead in a home that he has connections to. police say castillo has served time in prison and now police say he will likely be facing more serious charges of kidnapping and murder. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. 7:32. authorities are looking for the men who dressed as police officers during a home-invasion robbery. the sonoma county sheriff's office said the three robbers were all warmed. one wore a bulletproof vest and another wore a police hat. nothing was taken but one of the people living inside did suffer a head injury. the high price of gold may have played a role in aer is
7:33 am
fiing yam bush style -- in a terrifying ambush robbery. a man fired shots at a mum as they backed out of their driver. the man was killed. his wife was wounded. several heard gunshots. >> the driver was like this. the lady on the right side still moving. >> neighbors say the man would have -- could have been targeted because i was known to deal in gold jewelry. its believe he -- its believed he carried a large amount of cash with him at all times. for the first time we are hearing with the emergency responders after friday's air crash in reno. >> we're gonna have many casualties. >> got -- got about 10 doctors, 15 nurses and emts standing by.
7:34 am
>> reporter: federal investigators have find items that may help piece together what led up to this crash. >> obviously the first thing is to determine whether any of them actually came from the accident aircraft and whether any of the images or data available will be relevant to the accident investigation. investigators are focusing on that, the tail of the plane, several pieces have been recovered. a former pilot is raising speculation the pilot of that plane may have been unconscious moments before the crash. the cockpit appears to be empty. former pilot says this makes it likely the pilot, jimmy leeward, was slumped over the controls. he's among the nine victims that died. we have continuing coverage on our channel 2 website. go to just click on the "reno plane crash" tab near the top of the
7:35 am
page. and there was another weekend airshow disaster. this one in west virginia. it is also under investigation by the ntsb. it happened saturday in martinsburg. now, the pilot was attempting a rollover but crashed. we're expecting to learn more tonight about an officer- involved shooting in san francisco that injured two innocent bystanders. police are holding a community meeting tonight. they say 20-year-old jesus rodriquez pointed a gun at officers on broadway early saturday morning. an officer fired at rodriquez and missed and hit a man and woman in their legs. tonight's meeting is at 6:30 at jean marker -- parker elementary school at broadway and powell. two uc berkeley graduates in roche may be caught between
7:36 am
mahmoud ahmadinejad and his rivals. mahmoud ahmadinejad announced last week that they may be released within days but the release has been delayed. the judge who was supposed to sign that is on jail. five journalists who work for the bbc are jailed in iran this morning. they are accused providing the -- of providing the farsi language that's negative to the country. iran has a troubled history with the bbc. 7:36. well, contra costa county wants to hear from you about the state's new plan to send parolee violaters to county prisons. beginning next month, local governments around the state will be housing those parolee
7:37 am
violaters. currently they go to state prisons. but california is trying to save some money now. a public meeting will be held at 7:00 tonight at the antioch city hall. another meeting will take place tomorrow at the contra costa county board of supervisors in martinez. that begins at 7 -- 7:00 p.m. a conference in oakland will focus on preventing gang violence in california. the meeting is especially timely for san jose which has seen funding cut for its gang prevention task force almost in half. leaders from the 13 cities are expected to be apart of this two-day conference shoulding -- including jean quan and ed lee. and kamala harris will be speaking later this morning. we want to check in with sal. you said it's been busy. >> it has been busy. traffic has been busy, especially in the south bay, but all over the place.
7:38 am
280 northbound. stop-and-go traffic there. also this morning we're looking at the commute that's going to be a little bit busy here in san francisco along northbound 101 with no major problems coming up to the downtown area. we'll see some slow traffic here on 101 getting up to the downtown area. also very slow highway 4 at bay point clearing up an accident on the concord side -- side. let's go to steve. >> thank you. clear skies. almost. there's fog coming back to the coast. it's very shallow and inland there's hardly a breeze at all. not even a puff. it will be warm to hot by the coast. you can see -- we can go anywhere from 60s to near 80.
7:39 am
tomorrow, more fog. we have high pressure right on top of us. no north wind. hence the fog continues to creep itself back to the coast. really cool low -- really cool lows. upper 50s and 60s. we'll have to keep an eye on this system as it inches closer. it will take its time. i will still be talking about it on thursday. today, sunshine, warm to hot. 90s inland. some of that fog is starting to work its way back to the coast t wasn't there a couple of hours ago. it is now. it's very shallow. 90s for some.
7:40 am
>> daly city, 62. yet, san bruno, 81. if you are out towards westlake daly city, i thick the fog will win out. the city, 80. 80s, 90s on the peninsula. it's really tough when the fog toy the -- when the fog tries to come back. here comes the big change here for friday. a lot of clouds and much cooter -- cooler conditions. tori? >> thank you. hollywood celebrated the best of television at the 63rd annual prime time emmy awards. gigi grasiette is live in los angeles where there was really one winner in particular. >> reporter: good morning, they are starting to roll up the red carpet after the big event is over. let's check it out. modern family almost turning it
7:41 am
into the modern family awards. they took home five awards, writing, driving, best supporting actress and the big emmy for outstanding comedy. another big winner, even though they only took home one emmy "madmen." they won the big award for outstanding drama. and if that sounds like deja vu all over again, that's because this is their fourth straight win. another win, mccarthy, she was actually crowned outstanding act stress in a very, very tonny -- funny made for tv moment. kate wins let looking -- kate winslet looking lovely in red. back to you. >> thank you. we have more emmy coverage on your website including video clips of the shows. just click on the emmys' tab of
7:42 am we are waiting for a imagine off speech by president obama in the white house rose garden. these are live pictures right now. the president unveiling -- unavailabling how he would like to cut the -- cut the debt by $3 trillion -- by $3 trillion. that's coming up.
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7:44 am
stocks have extended their morning slide n turn, all three major equity averages are down by at least 2%. small cap and mid cap stocks are even in worse shape. the big reason, a bailout
7:45 am
package for greece, after the optimism would be resolved last week. this comes in the wake of wall street's best week in months. gold, by the way, is up about .3, to 1818 and oil is down 3%, to 8525. the dow is down to 11,268. nasdaq is down 50. s&p is down 25. it is 7:45. the federal government is getting more aggressive about finding businesses that cheat workers out of their wages. the u.s. labor department announced today it has signed a's -- agreements to share information with nine states and the irs. the information will help crackdown on businesses that improperly label workers as independent contractors to deprive them of minimum wage and overtime pay. last year the agency collected nearly $4 million in backwages
7:46 am
for 6500 workers. 9-year-old ryan white is now home and able to play ball with his older brother, kevin. that's after he spent five weeks in san francisco and philadelphia hospitals. they came from philadelphia to visit family and to the inter-- and to see the giants take on their hometown team last month. ryan amar'e says fortunately, he only remembers the good part about that night. >> he does not remember the accident. he remembers the game. but he doesn't remember the accident at all. >> ryan suffered brain trauma and several broken bones. he's still not allowed to -- to go to school until he's further down the road to recovery. he says he spends some of his time cheering on the phillies as they head to the playoffs. a man charged with killing a college football star from solano county is due in court today for arraignment. ennis johnson was shot and
7:47 am
killed last week inside a fairfield apartment that he shared with his brother -- mother. police arrested him shortly after the shooting. he was due in court this afternoon. a second suspect hassan mccauley is still on the loose. the motive for the shooting is still not clear. a day in church turned violent in florida after a man stormed in during service, shot the pastor around the associate pastor. they say jeremiah fogel was a former parisher in. >> we don't know -- parishioner. >> weigh doesn't know what he would have -- we don't know what he would have done if it weren't for the parishners. the two victims are still in the hospital in serious
7:48 am
condition. the motive is not known. police in san francisco are looking for a bank robber. this happened around 3:30 saturday afternoon on mclellan drive. police say a man handed a note to the teller demanding cash. the teller handed over money. the suspect ran away, no one was hurt. police are describing. suspect as between 5'1"0 and 6 feet. about -- tonight marks the one and only broadway performance about proposition 8. 8 was written by the same screenwriter who wrote the script about late supervisor harvey milk. organizers you say they want to show the world that their belief is a right.
7:49 am
morgan fromman man john lithgow and rob reiner are among the cast. >> ladies and gentlemen, god bless america! [ cheers ] >> they dressed in costume and sang back to the church. westborough baptist is known for their protests at military funerals. they decided to pick this area. 7:49. let's check in with sal. what's happening out there, sal. well, we do have some slow traffic all over the place. especially in the east bay. if you are trying to get into san francisco. it's not gonna be light for you. it's backed up for about a 20- minute delay. once you get out into the bridge. also this morning's commute is looking good. we are watching for the president. if the president starts speaking i'm gonna toss it back. northbound 101 as -- as you
7:50 am
approach the 80 split. that traffic looks good coming up to the 80 split. a little bit of slow traffic there. and we've had a federal commute on highway 4. it had started out federal -- terrible commute on highway 4. it started out well. between bay point and concord, willow pass road. highway 4 is mostly slow the entire way. 680 is backed up to 2 had 2. all of that is slow traffic. it doesn't matter -- get better until you get to danville. let's go back to steve. w. el, yesterday, the coast was clear. that's not the case today. about half of it was filled in with -- with some fog. it -- it's still, it's hazy, it's gonna be warm to hot with temperatures in the 80s and 90s for many. some of that fog is starting to work its way up the coast and down the san mateo coast. i still think santa cruz will be all right. but 50s and 40s for the lows in
7:51 am
the north bay. 50s and 60s -- os. another cool wind. pretty strong system coming acrosses the gulf of alas dah. that's days away. so we don't have to worry about it. . >> fog will be increasing. by -- fall starts on friday. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. nine minutes before 8:00, one south bay city says there is a lot more graffiti to get rid of and city officials say it has nothing to do with gangs marking their turf. and a speed race boat
7:52 am
breaks into pieces as hundreds of california fans look on. i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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7:54. happening now, president obama is getting ready to step to the podium to discuss a new plan to reduce the national deficit that looks like one of his aides there making sure everything is ready. the plan includes a mix of mandatory cut the an tax hikes. the proposal is coming under -- cuts and tax hikes. the proposal is coming under fire for those adamantly opposed to tax hikes. as soon as. anyone starts to talk, we'll carry this for you live. it's expected to last 15 minutes. police in tennessee investigating after five people died at a biker festival. carbon monoxide poisoning is a possible cause. an event -- an event organizer says they were all sleeping in
7:55 am
an r.v. when fumes from a generator leaked in. 7:55. the driver of a racing boat is hospitalized after his boat broke apart during a race in san francisco yesterday. >> two boats were going between 150 and 200 miles an hour when one of them flipped over and broke into pieces. the boat's driver was in a capsule which pulled away from the rest of the boat. one fan says he's been going to boat races for 30 years and he's never seen anything like this accident. >>
7:56 am
organizers of the america's cup say the yacht races in the san francisco bay could be the most exciting ever. this morning, they will have a progress report on their massive planning efforts. the races begin next year with the main event set for 2013. the america's cup is expected to draw millions of racing fans from around the world. organizers also predict it will create thousands of jobs and generate more than $1 billion for the bay area economy. right now we want to take you live to washington, d.c. president obama is set to announce his deficit reduction plan. >> reporter: the proposals in this jobs bill are the kinds that have been supported by democrats and republicans in the past. so there shouldn't be any reason for congress to drag its feet. they should pass it right away. i'm ready to sign a bill.
7:57 am
i got the pens all ready. now, as i said before, congress should pass this bill knowing that every proposal is fully paid for. the american jobs act will not add to our nation's debt. today i'm releasing a plan how to pay for the jobs bill while also paying down our debt overtime. this is important because the had -- because the health of our economy depends in part what we do, where businesses can hire and families can feel a basic measure of economic security. but in the long run, our prosperity depends on however ability to pay down the massive debt that we've accumulated over the last decade. during this past decade, tax cuts for million tie
7:58 am
millionaires and billionaireses. the cost of two wars and receipt session turned the record surplus into a yawning deficit and that left us with a big pile of oius. if we don't act, that burden will ultimately fall on our children's shoulders. if we don't act, the growing debt will eventually cloud out everything else, preventing us from investing in things like educationor sustaining medicare. so washington has to live within its means. the government has to do what families across this country have been doing for years. we have to cut what we can can afford to pay for what really matters. we need to invest in what will promote hiring, and economic growth now, while still providing the confidence that will come with reducing our def its -- that will reduce our deficits in the long-term.
7:59 am
this approach that i put forth in april was an approach to shrink the economy but not to do so so you a i -- abruptly that this would prevent us from helping small businesses and middle class families get back on their feet. it was an approach that said we need too go through the budget line by line looking for waste without shortchanging education, because those things are essential to our future. and it was an approach that said we shouldn't balance the budget on the backs of the poor and the middle class. for us to solve this problem, everybody, including the wealthiest americans and the biggest corporations have to pay their fair share. now, during the debt ceiling debate. i had hoped to negotiate a compremice with the speaker of the house that -- compromise with the speaker of the house that achieved these prince, a
8:00 am
grand bargain that would have strengthened our economy instead of weakened it. untfyly, the -- unfortunately, the speaker walked away from a balanced package. what we agreed to was not all that gran. it was a start roughly $1 trillion in cuts to domestic spending and defense spending. everyone knows we have to do more at a special -- special committee. see today i'm laying out a specific set of proposals to finish what we finished this summer. the proposals that i have talked about from the beginning. it's a plan that reduces our debt by more than $4 trillion, by asking everyone everybody to do their part. so that no one has to bear too much of the burden on their own. all told this plan cuts $2 in spending for every dollar in
8:01 am
new revenues. in addition to the $1 trillion in spending that we've already cut from the budget. we create agricultural subsidies. we make modest adjustments to federal retirement programs. we reduce -- we reduce by tens of billions of dollars the tax money that goes to fannie mae and freddie mac. we also ask the largest financial firms to repay the american people for every dime we spent and we save an additional $1 trillion as we end the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the savings are not only counted as part of our plan as part of the budget plan, that
8:02 am
nearly every republican -- republican in the house sloated for. finally, reduce -- voted for. finally, reducing programs like medicare and medicaid. we're gonna have to do more. this plan reduces wasteful subsidies and erroneous payments while changing some incentives that lead to healthcare costs. it makes prescriptions more affordable. we'll work with governors -- governors to make medicaid more efficient and more accountable. and instead of just paying for procedures, providers will be paid more when they improve results. such steps will save money and improve care. these changes are phased in slowly to strengthen medicare and medicaid overtime. while we do need to reduce
8:03 am
healthcare costs, i'm not going to allow that to be an excuse that leaves seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry. i'm not going to stand for it. so we will reform medicare and medicaid but we will not abandon the funt mental -- fundamental commitment. that includes our commitment to social security. i have said before social security is not the primary cause of the issue. the parties are gonna have to work on a separate track to strengthen social security for our children and grandchildren. we can reduce the budget, by reforming reforming government spending and by making modest adjustments to medicare and medicaid. but all of these reductions in spending by themselves will not solve our fiscal problems.
8:04 am
we can't just cut our way out of this whole -- hout of this -- out of this hole. it's gonna take a balanced approach. if we're gonna make spending cuts, mown of which we wouldn't make if we weren't facing such large deficits, then it's only right that we ask everyone to pay their fair share. last week speaker of the house john boehner, made a speech. he made the point that he can't afford the kind of politics that it's my way or the highway. i was encouraged by that. here's the problem -- in the same speech, he also came out against any plan to cut the deficit that includes any additional revenues whatsoever. he said, i'm wroting him, "there is only one option and that option and -- and only option relies entirely on cuts,
8:05 am
that means slashing education, surrendering and allowing our highways, bridges and airports to get worse. it would cripple our competitiveness and our ability to win jobs in the future. it would also mean asking sacrifice of seniors and the middle class and the poor while asking nothing of the wealthiest americans and biggest corporationing. so the speaker says my way or the highway and then basically says my way or the highway. [ laughter ] >> that's not smart. it's not right. if we're gonna meet our responsibilities we have to do it together. now i'm proposing real serious cuts in spending. when you include the $1 trillion in cuts i've already
8:06 am
signed into law, these would be among the biggest cuts in spending in our history but they have to be part of a larger plan that's bal paned. a plan that asks the most fortunate among us to pay their fair share just like everybody else. and that's why in plan eliminates tax loopholes that primarily go to the wealthiest taxpayers and biggest corporations, tax breaks that small businesses and middle class families don't fore-- don't get. and if tax reform doesn't get done, this plan asked the -- asks the wellniest americans to go back to paying the same rates they paid before the bush tax cuts. i promise it's not because anybody looks forward to the moss specials of raising -- looks forward to the prospect of raising taxes or paying more taxes. i don't. in fact, i cut taxes and through the jobs act we did
8:07 am
that, too. we can't afford these special rates for the wealthy. [ please stand by for a change in captioners ] [ if you stack up all the volumes, they are almost 5-feet tall. that means how much you pay is often what you make and how well to gain the system and that is especially true where
8:08 am
you have one of the highest rates in the world and it is riddled with exceptions and special interest loopholes. so you know some companies, they get out paying a lot of taxes while the rest of them, they end up having to put the bill, which makes our entire economy less competitive and less of a desirable place to do business. that has to change. and to invest in the united states of america and to create jobs in the united states of america and we can lower the corporate rates if you get rid of all these special deals. >> and so i am ready, i'm eager to work with the democrats and the republicans, and to reform the tax codes to make it simpler and to make it fair. and you know to make america more competitive. but any reform plans, they will have to raise revenues to help
8:09 am
close our deficits. and that has to be a part of the formula. any reform should follow another simple principle. middle class families, they shouldn't pay higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires. that's pretty straightforward. it's hard to argue against that. warren buffet's secretary shouldn't pay a higher tax rate than warren buffet. there's no justification for it. it is wrong that in the united states of america, a teacher or a nurse, or a construction worker who earned $50,000 should pay higher tax rates. >> you've been listening live to president obama speaking live at the rose garden at the white house just talking right now about the buffet rule for millionaires. of course, named after investor, warren buffet, who argued the very rich, they are not taxed enough. now, the president is announcing his plan to cut the national deficit by $3 trillion. the steps that he says have been supported by democrats and
8:10 am
republicans in the past. and the main part is that it includes $1.5 trillion in new taxes about half of that return from letting some of the bush era tax cuts expire for high- income house holds. the president repeated that it is important that every one paid their fair share in this effort. and there is also just over $1 trillion in savings through the withdrawal of troops from iraq and afghanistan and the other key part comes from $580 billion of mandatory spending cuts to entitlement programs, like medicare and medicaid, but it would not include and change the eligibility age for medicare and it does not touch social security. but political analysts say the new taxes though, they have little chance of passing through congress because republicans, they refuse to support tax increases, saying it's basically class warfare and hurts business owners who create jobs. we do have a reporter that's monitoring the be the and also reactions to washington, d.c. so we will have a recap of the president's speech coming up at
8:11 am
about 8:15. all right, now our time is 8:11, along with tori campbell, i'm dave clark. and is it a man or a woman? ktvu aly rassmusen is out there. >> the next step of their investigation is to determine whether or not the body found in the weekend is connected to the missing nursing student who has been missing since may 27. also this morning, there might be some legal developments in this case as well. about an hour from now, the woman arrested for her murder is due to appear in court here at the hayward hall of justice. at her hearing, she could be assigned a public defender and she may enter a plea. investigators say that the 27- year-old was a former high school friend of lei's, blaming her for ruining her relationship with an ex- boyfriend. and she was last seen on may 27
8:12 am
at kaiser medical center in hayward where she was taking a nursing class, left during a break and never returned. investigators say they believe that she was murdered. now, her family has tried to find clues to her disappearance in the past four months where it was a volunteer who is a part of the search group on saturday. and they discovered a body on a dirt road. now, that road between 680 and foothill road on the unincorporated part. it was not immediately clear as to the body was a man or a woman, but the sheriff spokesman said that the medical examiner could have an answer to that question, determining the gender of the body found there as early as, you know, today. investigators, they have not said whether there was any clothing or jewelry found in the area of the crime scene. and that, you know, they could help them identify the body, but again at 9:00 this morning, just an hour from now, the woman accused of michelle's murder is due to appear this court for a hearing. live in hayward, ktvu channel 2
8:13 am
news. >> thank you. it's 8:13. we just covered it for you live on mornings on 2. president obama defending his plan to reduce the national deficit. >> if we don't act, that murder will ultimately fall on our children's shoulders. >> coming up a live report from washington, d.c., the political showdown over the so-called millionaire tax. plus, an international financial tycoon is finally talking for the first time. who's getting caught in the explosive sees -- sex scandal. also, they hope that this burger will turn the entire business around. you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore?
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good morning, we have some low clouds that are coming back, but very shallow. otherwise by the coast, for many, well into the 90s. >> all right, so your time now is 8:16, happening right now, a group of parents and teachers are picketing outside the oakland unified school district offices. in fact, our cameras are out there. these are live pictures. and the seventh graders are seeing their signs that are larger. live pictures from 2nd avenue in oakland. and now the parents and the teachers, they are protesting the classrooms here at last, to leave the elementary school. and oakland's teachers association, the president tells us that, you know, classrooms are not suppose to have more than 30 students, but they are claiming that one class has about 37 students, two otherclasses have 34, and another one has 32. and they want the school district to hire another
8:17 am
teacher. they are hoping that this demonstration will get the attention of school board members who were holding a special meeting at 9:00 this morning. 8:17, some of hollywood's biggest stars will be in oakland tonight for the premier of money ball. we are out at the theater where, you know, fans, they are all starting to show up? >> reporter: yes, that's right. they are very excited about brad pitt and angelina jolee being here tonight. you can see two of the die hards camping out here behind us. and behind them, well, it's sort of like a little makeshift baseball stadium the with lights, the -- with the lights, the stands, the movie being about baseball. pitt plays the oakland a's general manager, where the baseball club on a limitedded budget. now, local restaurant and bar owners say they will be offering money ball drinks and appetizer specials for the fans. and we found two hardcore fans
8:18 am
camped out here and pens ready for autographs. >> they are just that much better to come and see him and support him and his wife. >> i love it, i'm a huge oakland a's fans, so i'm excited he made a movie out of the a's. it's awesome. >> it launched last week making an appearance at that. other stars in the movie who may be shining here in oakland. and actually, they threw out the first pitch at the oakland a's game yesterday. now insiders say the best chance you have will be before the screening from 4:30 to 6:00. and then after the show for the post party, they will be walking over to the fox theater, which is a couple blocks away. you might be able to catch a glimpse of some stars between 7:30 and 8:30. these are the cards we just found and then on the back, it lifts a bunch of appetizer specials and drink specials, to some of the local restaurants
8:19 am
that are offering for folks. if you can come on down again, all the action will be starting at 4:30 this evening. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you. and time now is 8:19. and just minutes ago, president obama finished unveiling his debt plan. you saw it live right here on ktvu. and ktvu allison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau telling us how it costs for the rich to pay their fair share, allison? >> reporter: that's right. president obama is certainly laying down the battle lines here in what is sure to be a fierce fight with republicans over how to reduce the country's debt. now, let's take a look at the president's arrival in the rose garden, just about 20 minutes ago. now, president obama, he is proposing more than $3 trillion plan to shrink the nation's debt with half the money that's coming from tax increases on the wealthy incorporations. he was speaking in the rose garden, where he said that everyone must pay their fair share.
8:20 am
>> and if we don't act, that burden will ultimately fall on your children's shoulders. a week ago today, i sent congress the american job's act. and the plan that will be leading to new jobs for teachers. >> and aimed after the millionaire who pays less taxes than his employeeses, and that rule is no millionaire should pay less taxes than middle class americans. and now here is the more detailed breakdown of the president's plan, cutting $1.5 trillion from the deficit by raising taxes. $1.1 trillion through winding down the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and then $580 billion by reducing entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 newses. >> thanks, allison. the former monetary chief has given his first interview since being accused of sexually assaulting a new york hotel
8:21 am
maid. here is -- the executive called the sexual encounter with the maid a moral failing that he insisted that no violence was involved. prosecutors dropped the charges against him after his accuser's credibility was questioned. and a stanford political science professor is america's new ambassador to russia. he was an expert on the u.s. foreign policy, and it in particular, relations with russia. he has written more than 20 books and is also a senior fellow at the hoover institution, which is a think tank on the stanford campus. time now is 8:21. wendy's hamburgers are getting a makeover after the two-year process you can taste the results starting today. the new burgers are called dave's hot and juicy. and named after the
8:22 am
restaurant's founder. it's got a butter bun, no mustard, crinkled pickles, a square shape to their patties and a change to red onions. they are trying to reversa slump in sales. their revenues have dropped in six of the last 11 quarters. it is 8:22, it could be a bumpy ride. one bay area city wants to fix those very bad roads, but there's one big roadblock. and also the growing problem of attacking the bay area's largest city. good morning, westbound on bay bridge is still a little tough getting into the city. we'll tell you more about what commutes are the busiest and where the trouble spots are. [ cow mooing ]
8:23 am
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open nature. only at safeway.
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welcome back. time now is 8:25. graffiti in san jose is up 38% over the last year. they found more than 44,000 graffiti tags is the city since last january. and the gang graffiti doesn't appear to be happening more. city officials think that high school kids, they are the culprit. and tomorrow, the san jose city council, they will be talking about that problem. >> if is 8:25 and we want to check in -- it is 8:25 and we want to check in with sal castaneda. >> right now things are busy all over the place as i look around at my list here. we have a lot of slow downs. i want to get through them very quickly here and let's say they will take a look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. stop and go traffic. and very slow there. and you can see traffic is
8:26 am
getting into san francisco from oakland. and they are also going to be slow this morning. now it's backed up from the lights that are on. and traffic has become much better. and off the bay point, but very slow to walnut creek. and then we can see 80s, still backed up through richmond, getting to berkeley. look at all the slow traffic out here in hayward off of 8:80, all the way -- 880 all the way down here. then slow traffic, the slowest is on 101 from capital express way all the way up to sunnyvale. >> by the coast a little tricky over there because some fog is starting to work its way back. very shallow, it won't be doing much, except sit right this on the water's edge. just hit and miss. hazy sunshine, warm to hot with a difference of being in the 60s, 70s, 80s closer to the beaches. it will be hot with 80s and 90s and a lot of 40s this morning
8:27 am
for north bay now and the lows, but now they are in the 50s or the 60s. and hayward, mountain view, they are at 63. there is your fog. so i mean, you know, a part of it is starting to come back, nothing there early this morning. now it's there. i know, 8:27, it's still early. inland temperatures will be warming up pretty fast here. not much of a breeze at all. sunny, hazy, warm to hot. 90s inland, 80s around the bay. still some patchy fog and some sun, kind of a mixed bag over the coast. so 60s and 90s to near 100 degrees. there will be a lot of 80s and 90s for the inland temperatures. there's some fog near the coast. more of the same on tuesday and then i think that fog will start to regroup a little bit on thursday and friday and with your weekend always in view. it'll be the first weekend of fall and it does look much cooler questioning how many clouds will be coming in here. but we'll see a change compared to today and tomorrow. >> yes, time now is 8:27. we have developing news. it's about that air show disaster in reno. and what we just found out in the last 30 minutes.
8:28 am
>> the man hunt is over for the san jose parolee who police say is behind the deadly crime spree over the weekend. how he was tracked down coming up. and also, how netflix is responding to the recent customer revolts over their higher prices. [ female announcer ] once you taste new fiber one 80 calories... ...with its sweet honey taste, 40% daily value of fiber...
8:29 am
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welcome back. time now is 8:30. the prime suspect in the violent south bay crime spree is in jail this morning. and police, they tracked him to the sacramento valley. ktvu alex savage is out there where the man hunt started. >> good morning, dave. police call this man a dangerous ex-con who was targeting innocent people here
8:31 am
at random during the weekend crime spree. and this morning, he has been captured, he's behind bars after a three-day long man hunt. and paul castillo was arrested last night at 7:30 in west sacramento. now before his arrest, he carried out a string of violent crimes including murder. they believe that he kidnapped a woman on friday from the san jose shopping center and then killed her. he was targeted the at random. -- targeted at random. he was trying to rob a gas station. that man survived, finding castillo was a top priority. >> and it was officers from the special operations unit, you know, they were in sacramento specifically. and following up leads, where they were able to trace those leads to their location where they were arrested. >> investigators, they suspect that he murdered the 60-year- old on saturday. she was found dead inside a
8:32 am
house that castillo was in charge with. >> obviously we have lost the video, they are telling us about the arrest of the wanted criminal in sacramento. we'll have more of that story coming up shortly. time right now is 8:32. new this morning, the death toll from the reno air way crash is now up to 10. they made the announcement within the last 30 minutes. and the reno gazette journal reports five victims, they have now been identified, and they include a 60-year-old man from washington, a 53-year-old texas woman, and a 47-year-old reno woman. again, 10 people died in all. dozens of others are injured. >> and it just makes you appreciate to be alive. you know, that's one of the first things i could say, you know, you got extremely lucky. >> and they are now focusing in on the memory cars from the mustang. and they could have video from the crash. and the cards will be sent to
8:33 am
washington, d.c. for further investigation. a former pilot is raising speculations, the pilot of the plane was unconscious just moments before the crash. take a look at this photo, taken just before the p-51 crashed into the ground. and the cockpit appears to be empty. and the former pilot, he says that this makes it likely that the pilot, jimmy leeward was slumped over the controls. leeward is one of the 10 victims who died. and we have continuing coverage of the reno air race crash on our channel 2 website. just go to and click on the reno plane crash tab near the top of the page. finding a buyer for fremont- based company might take longer than expected. the bankrupt solar energy company now wants to accept bids until october 25. an auction will be held just a few days later on october 28. if several bids come through, solyndra filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. 1,100 people lost their jobs.
8:34 am
our time now is 8:34. a big earthquake hit the area. how the weather is contributing to all of that destruction in that area. back here at home, a vallejo house fire that killed an elderly couple is being investigated. now they were alone when the flames engulfed their home yesterday morning. when firefighters got there, they had to knock down a security gate to get inside. they pulled out the woman, they tried to revive her. but firefighters say she and her husband died at the scene. we talked to one of their neighbors who tried to rescue the couple before the firefighters arrived. >> i went over, tried to get through the front door, and all the safety doors and everything, it was impossible, couldn't get through the back gate. >> the couple's son who looked after them had just come home from a fishing trip. and it is 8:34, president obama just spoke about his new deficit reduction plan. we brought it to you live here
8:35 am
on mornings on 2. and that plaque calls for a new tax rate on the nation's millionaires. carter evans is live at the nasdaq site. how are reactors reacting to the plan? >> not at all. i don't think that there was any real surprise here for investors. you know, it's pretty much the same thing you have heard before. democrats, you know, mainly the white house, they want tax increases to help out with the problem we're in. republicans, they want spending cuts only. and they are still at odds. that's what we got from the president today. and the numbers, they have held stable. let me show you quickly. the dow is down about 208 points today. this is on debt concerns over in europe, not because of the speech. but it's been pretty much steadily down a couple hundred points all day long. nasdaq is getting a little better. the s and s500 is also significantly lower today -- the s&p 500 is also significantly lower today. this came from investor warren
8:36 am
buffet, the billionaire because he said that in terms of percentage that he actually pays the lower tax rate than his secretary does. the reason for that is they make their money off of stock options, things like that. now, you know, he has talk about raising the capitol gains tax rate before, a lot of people say that will discourage business and investments. now they are talking about raising money on the wealthiest investors, and how much, you know, that will remain to be seen. and they are leading it up to congress to work out exactly how much. you know what, i can tell you though just from watching this go on back and forth, the last couple of weeks, the republicans, they are not having any of this right now. and republican, many of them are in office right now and they signed to pledge that they will not be raising taxes in any way, shape, or form while they are in office right now.
8:37 am
i think wall street will see it today as more of the same. >> yeah. >> but i know that there has been a growing concern about the deficit. and is there some hope, at least that the debt will be reduced no matter, you know, how it will take place? >> reporter: well, we know that the debt will be reduced or the deficit will be reduced one way or another with the 12-member supercommittee. supposedly they are working on this right now. they need to come up with a deal by thanksgiving. then they need to pitch it to congress and congress has to pass it before the end of the year. and you hear me, you know, almost laughing a little bit because you can take a look at what it took to get the debt ceiling debate passed back in july. and this is a much bigger deal for you. and so now these congressmen and women, they have a lot of work ahead of them on the special committee. again, no one wants to raise taxes. democrats say we've got to raise taxes. so it will be very interesting to see where the money will come from. it will be a lot of cuts.
8:38 am
$1.2 trillion. the president's plan by the way is to cut $3 trillion over 10 years, but much of that, again, by raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. >> yeah, and you can see how it will all be played out. thank you. and it is 8:38, well, netflix is responding to their plunging stock price and loss of customers after their 60% rate hike. the company is now splitting into two. the company announced last night that they are splitting up in streaming services. the streaming services, they will keep the netflix name. the dvd division will be called quickster and each will have their own ceo. >> streaming has incredible tv shows, instant, streaming is fairly global. they have many things that will be making it different from dvd. and then overtime both dvds and streaming will be much better because they are separate. >> netflix ceo, also formally apologized for the recent 60% rate hike saying he did not expect them to communicate the
8:39 am
need to raise prices. and they announced it last week that they lost more customers than expected because of the rate hike and netflix and quickster have no plans to raise that again. >> time now is 8:39 happening right now, a group of parents and teachers are picketing outside the oakland unified school district and offices as we speak. these are live pictures with the close up of the signs that are out there. a large group of people here and someone is picking in on the steps. this is the second avenue in the city of oakland. and parents and teachers have been there since about 8:00. protesting the crowded classrooms here at the elementary school. and now the head of oakland's teachers association, and the classrooms, they are not suppose to have more than 30 students. but they claim that one class has 37 and two others have 34. and the other one has about 32. and now these demonstrators, they want the district to hire
8:40 am
another teacher, hoping to have a special meeting at 9:00 this morning and that is up 20 minutes from now. and again, you're looking at live pictures of the demonstration. and outside the oakland school district offices here as we speak. >> all right, now it is 8:40 and we want to check in with sal who is going to let us know about the plane that made an emergency landing here in the bay area? >> yeah, a couple of tense moments as we were listening to the alaska airlines flight. what you see now, these are live pictures. they came in, they said there was some trouble with the plane and we never exactly found out what the trouble was. but the plane landed at oakland international airport. about 150 passengers, they were taken off the plane. then the plane was taxied to an area, the remote location on the airport. now it is being examined here by the authorities. again, the people are safe, and the plane itself, it did make
8:41 am
the emergency landing. everything did come out okay. you can see that it lookses like they have, you know, either it's a luggage or something that is spread out on the tarmac there and they are getting a better picture of it. we're not sure what caused the landing, but certainly something that is out of the ordinary that's going on. and now this plane by alaska, it's flight 342 from seattle, obviously it's not turning back around and going back out again. there might be a cancellation of a flight or two here as the plane is not going to be in service for a while. for and let's go out and take a look at the commute bay bridge toll plaza backed up from the area here, about a 15 to 20- minute delay. also san jose 280 traffic is very slow, very slow all the way up here. 8:41, let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you. for most it will be sunny and warm and hazy. by the coast it will be foggy, cool, to sunny and warm. mainly fog in sonoma and the western part of the city. san mateo coast so far looks fog free. very shallow. it's one of those you go to the
8:42 am
other side of the street and it might jump up by 5 to 10 degrees. and 50s, a lot of 40s this morning for the overnight lows. 's, now -- 50s, now we're in the 60s. mid-60s if you already there before 9:00, that tells you it will be a warm day. you can see some of the fog there, just working their way to the coast. i mean, it's really down there. and no wind at all. i mean very rare to see, you know, that's the only one i could find. that's nothing for them. we have a lot going on in the pacific. it's just not here yet. it might work its way towards us by around friday into the weekend early next week. but next couple of days, except for some fog on the coast, we'll be good to go with very warm conditions that are hot. and the highs today, anywhere from 60s to, well, almost 100 degrees. so fog is near the the coast though. and yes, they are at 64. the city is at 180. a tricky call there. and low to mid 50s. more on the same on tuesday. the fog will start to flex their muscle a little bit on wednesday and thursday and your
8:43 am
weekend always in view, we have changes cooler on friday. a lot of clouds, a lot of systems that are going to be racing across here. we'll give it a much cooler pattern as we go into the weekend. >> all right, thank you, steve. and now it is 8:43. some heartbreaking crimes. statistics on how the recession might be affecting babies. and also why there will be a lot of activity in the remote deserts today. the woman accused of killing a missing nursing student is due in court this morning. and they will be investigating possible new developments in the case. mornings on 2 will continue right after the break. i couldn't afford my health insurance anymore
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taking a live look at the big boards on wall street. they are off their section load, but still down about triple digits for the dow. sharps are falling sharply as renewed fears of a greek debt default prompting investors to eat into some of last week's gains. and also looking to where the safety of the u.s. government debt after president obama's speech this morning. and the energy stuff is taking a hit. oil is down about 2.5%. apple though by the way, one of the few stocks that are up, 1/3 percent. dow is down 167. s&p is down 18.
8:47 am
only two of every ten americans think that they will become a millionaire. 61% say that it is very difficult or extremely difficult for any person in this country to become a millionaire. that's very close to the 63% of british citizens who say the same thing. but not everyone feels that way. only 35% of australians think that it is hard to become a billionaire. starting today, some cell phone users will get more ads. it's called icircular a partnership between many newspapers, and retailers like k-mart, macy's, target, toys "r" us. cell phone users who have downloaded apps for the participating papers will get the digital equivalent of the coupons to programs
8:48 am
like medicare and medicaid and by ending the wars if many iraq and after -- in iraq and afghanistan. he was turned murder suspect and he's in jail this morning. they tracked down and arrested paul ray castillo at west sacramento. he killed 60-year-old cindy
8:49 am
wynn after stealing her cars. and police in south san francisco, they are searching now for suspects in the double shootings that happened last night. two teenagers were wounded. and the condition of the younger victim is still not known. it is 8:49 and just about 15 minutes, the woman accused of killing the nursing student is scheduled to appear in court. and as you can see here, they tell us live from hayward that it comes after the discovery of the body over the weekend. aly? >> reporter: the next step in the investigation is to determine whether or not that body found this weekend is connected in all to the michelle lei case. they say right now they are working on getting the forensic dentist test right here behind us is the hall of justice where you can see the long line of justice filing into the
8:50 am
courthouse. investigators say the 27-year- old was a former high school friend of hers who blamed her for ruining her relationship with an ex-boyfriend. she was last seen on may 27 at kaiser medical center where she was taking a break. they have evidence that michelle le's body might be there, but it was not found. they have organized numerous searches to find clues for her disappearance and it was a volunteer who has been a part of the search group on saturday who found a body off of the dirt road. that dirt is located out here and the unincorporated part. now, it was not immediately clear as to whether or not the body was found there if it is of a man or a woman, but it is the forensic story and they will be starting their work today. and according to the sheriff's office, now, we could know by the end of the day.
8:51 am
and the gender of the body that was discovered there. meanwhile the family of michelle le will be here at the hall of justice. and a hearing for them that is suppose to start about 10 to 15 minutes from now. live in hayward, ktvu channel 2 news. it's 8:51. and the mud slides are hampering the rescue efforts in northeast india this morning. a powerful earthquake has killed at least 55 people. and the magnitude is 6.9 quake that damaged more than 100,000 homes. and the casualty toll is expected to rise through the day. the rescuers are trying to reach the villages that are cut off by the earthquake that hit last night. and it triggered mud slides, they are now blocking main roads. some of the deaths occurred in houses that were all weakened for recent monsoon rains. india's home secretary says that they are all in
8:52 am
8:53 am
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good morning, we have an alaska airlines plane that made an emergency landing at oakland international airport. that came in and the passengers were evacuated. and then all the luggage on the plane was inspected on the tarmac there. the plane was moved away from the terminals. now we're getting word that the passengers are being allowed to reboard the plane, that they
8:56 am
have been put on buses and they are on their way back to the alaskan airline flight from seattle to oakland. we'll follow this and have more on this coming up on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> all right, thank you, sal. 8:56 new this morning. police in britain arrested seven people for a suspected terror plot. the arrest took place in birmingham, the six men and one woman are all between 22 and 32 years old. they are described as islamic extremists. specific deals have not been released on the attack. and snipers killed about two dozen people today. 50 people have died in the past two days of fighting. protesters want the president to step down after 33 can years in power. the u.s. once viewed the government as an ally against al qaeda militants based in yemen, but they withdrew their support as they gained strength. and time now is 8:56, a new health report is out, showing the san francisco bay area that is cleaner these days. and according to the mercury news, they say that the bay is a lot less polluted now than
8:57 am
they were in the 50s and the 60s. researchers credit the 1972 clean water act, which upgraded the sewage treatment plants. and also today, the city council, they will be talking as to what to do about roads in bad shape. the new report will be showing fewer than half the city streets are in good conditions. and the rest, well, they range from at risk to failing. and that is before they show that they have been taking at least $2.5 million a year to raise the city's overall road conditions to good. all right, one more time, check in with steve for a look at where are weather and heating up today? >> yes, hot for most, sunny, warm, hazy, cool to milder and warm. i think that you will be all right and other areas need to deal with the fog. more about the same for wednesday and then cooler towards the end of the week. fall will be starting on friday. >> all right. >> by the weekend, yes. i think so. >> and there had are some hint about rain possibly. >> hints? >> well not yet. there's a lot going on. >> and stay tuned for more solid details. >> all right.
8:58 am
yes, more details coming up. that'll do it for us. thanks for watching everyone. >> bye now. [ male announcer ] when you come to new york
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